Lubricants Oils Grease

Lubricants Oils Greases

Our partnership with Petro-Canada in the UK as an Authorised Distributor means we are able to deliver remarkable lubricants, speciality fluids and greases designed to outperform competitors in a wide range of applications.

Lubricants for Natural Gas Plants, Pipelines, Gas Power Generation & Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Power Generation


Natural Gas Engine Oils

  • SENTRON natural gas engine oils are high performance, long-life oils used for Stationary Gas engines and compressors in a wide variety of applications with a key focus on gas compression and power generation.
  • Engine type examples include:
  • Turbocharged or naturally aspirated
  • Stoichiometric or lean/ultra-lean burn engines
  • Older diesel converted engine design
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Turbine Fluids

  • TURBOFLO™ & TURBONYCOIL™ 600 Petro-Canada’s line of turbine fluids delivers excellent lubrication and cooling to steam, hydraulic and gas turbines and perform well as general purpose circulating oils in various industrial applications.
  • They all exhibit excellent thermal and oxidative stability as well as excellent air and water separability.
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Natural Gas Compressor Fluids

  • Petro-Canada’s extensive line of Natural Gas Compressor Fluids delivers excellent performance in a wide range of demanding conditions.
  • Whether it is minimizing corrosion from H2S, separating water effectively or ensuring the best resistance to gas dilution and lubricant wash-off from the cylinder liner, Petro-Canada has a broad product slate of Natural Gas Compressor Fluids to fit your compressor operation.
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Electrical Insulating Fluid

  • Petro-Canada’s LUMINOL™ family of electrical insulating fluids can help you minimize power loss and maximize productivity.
  • LUMINOL fluids withstand energy spikes and hot and cold weather extremes better than naphthenic electrical insulating oils have naturally high oxidation stability that resists breakdown longer and helps provide extended service life, resulting in less maintenance and top-up
  • Petro-Canada produces LUMINOL fluids using the HT Purity Process combined with Hydroisomerization.
  • These ultra-pure fluids are:
  • Inherently biodegradable in natural environments free of carcinogenic polynuclear aromatics (PNAs)
  • Special (test transformers, special requirement voltage and current transformers)
  • Virtually non-toxic LUMINOL delivers worry-free, corrosive sulphur-free performance in your transformer.
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Industrial Gear Oils

  • Petro-Canada provides a complete line of lubricants for gear drives and bearing systems operating under the toughest conditions whether under extreme pressure or wide ranges of temperature..
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Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

  • Petro-Canada Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil is built on our world class technology and decades of expertise.
  • DURON™ next generation is the most durable and high performing oil we have ever made. Giving you and your engine:
  • More reliability
  • Better fuel economy
  • Higher productivity
  • It’s ready for every challenge. Bring it on. The Tougher, The Better.
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